Wednesday, May 23, 2007

American Idol IS Jordin

Who else? Go to bed.

Random observations.

Sanjaya got a solo! Appauling.

Tony Bennett can still bring it. He tore it up. God bless Tony Bennett. The man is over 80 and gave us the highlight of the evening.

Bette Medler was nearly as bad as Sanjaya.

Nice to see Taylor Hicks doing well.

Rubin is a mere shadow of his former self and the guy still has a great voice. Kewl duo with Jordin.

Gwen Stefani was like something you might hear at a wedding. (Thank you, Simon.)

Brandon Rogers has real talent and he was GONE before Sanjaya. This is one reason ratings on AI are sliding south.

Gotta' love Carie. Clive Davis obviously does. Great news about Chris Daughtery.

That idiot Fowler woman from Atlanta got more face time than Melinda Dolittle, another proof that AI is fading. Melinda was buried in the Gospel graveyard. I would think the producers could have given her some justice.

Nice to see Smokey Robinson.

Too bad we did not see more of Phil. More proof ...... la-de-dah.

It's late and I have to get up before dawn and start doing the work of 10 men.

Final word. To say that the past season is mediocre is to give the producers of American Idol far more credit than is due.

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