Monday, May 14, 2007

About the audio stream

I wouldn't normally bring this up, but with Mara Leveritt on this show tomorrow morning at 10, it seems like a good idea to address the problems with the stream since Thursday. Director Tim Jackson is also likely to attract listeners from around the world.

Honest, we know when Mara comes on, it is a BIG deal which creates unusually high traffic on our internet stream. With Tim on in the first hour, we will have many folks wanting to log on, so I want to be up front about it.

You ain't never gonna' believe this in a million years, but it ain't our fault and it is not Live365 either.

Comcast has been on the roof of our palatial intergalactic headquarters on Bowman Road in West Little Rock, and they punted to Windstream, who passed the torch to AT&T. One theory is that something got damaged in last week's storm, but I don't think we had enough wind or lightning.

The sum of it all is that there is a small army working on this and we are somewhat hopeful that at least part of the Tuesday morning show will be webcast. If not, I promise to get the TWO blockbuster hours in the "on demand" audio archive early tomorrow afternoon.

Here's a thought. Tune in to one of our "terrestrial" stations (listed in the right hand column) like most of my other listeners. 99.1 KSMD in Searcy and 710 in Bald Knob carry parts of north and west Pulaski County, respectively.

OK, that's hard if you live in Buenos Aires.

If you would like to log on to the internet broadcast (8 to 11 AM weekdays) follow this link to the old WAI web site. (It's 2 years old. On the internet, that's longevity!) Scroll down to a thing in the center column that looks somewhat like a radio, and click on the red "launch player" button. It may or may not work.

If you have firewalls, or work in a very security minded office, you may not be able to listen "live." There may be instructions to disable your pop-up blocker. You are strictly on your own because I am too stupid to explain it all.

So there, now you know. (Sorta')

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