Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Why they kill

You would think that, even after 9/11, we could get a little smarter. Human beings must be about the dumbest life form on earth. That may be an overstatement, but you must admit that the learning curve is not too impressive.

After the berserk killing rampage of a Virginia Tech student, we are getting ready to give away more privacy rights and personal freedoms. Liberty loving Americans ought to be able to resist the easy urge to put up cameras to monitor every move of every person every hour of every day.

We don’t need to get tough on the mentally ill either. We need to get some practical help to the sick people who need it. Do you really believe that sufficient resources were available for this young man? This will require some critical thinking, but ask why a psychologist and not the legally required psychiatrist, a medical doctor, reviewed the shooters involuntary commitment order. That document was submitted by a University social worker, and rejected.

Mentally ill people cannot afford lobbyists or bribes – sorry, campaign contributions - to politicians. Many of the people with brain diseases cannot afford the drugs to keep them well. Do you think that should raise a few questions? I do. This is as much a public health issue as a criminal justice matter.

(Broadcast April 25, 2007)

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