Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Virginia Tech Killings

The horrifying events at Virginia Tech are simply beyond description. At this writing, the death count stands at 33. More people were killed yesterday in a single transaction than at the Texas Luby’s, or by Ronald Gene Simmons. Although details are sketchy, it appears that a young Asian man was rejected by his girlfriend and went on a killing spree. He was heavily armed.

Already, the vultures are out. Last week, it was Don Imus and our saviors were Sharpton and Jackson. This week, the enemy is not the man who did the killings, but unnamed people who want to take away your guns. Well, let me be the first to assure you that gun rights are represented by one of the richest and most powerful lobbies in Washington, and your Second Amendment Freedoms are more secure today than ever.

There are also some faultfinders trying to nail the high death toll on the college administration. Such silliness is reprehensible. Don’t lay this crime on immigrants either. This is a tragedy brought about by fallen and frail human nature. It is beyond logic, so stop trying to figure it out and let the blame game come to an end.

(Broadcast April 17, 2007)

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