Monday, April 23, 2007

Teresa Prewett, you have mail!

Teresa Prewett has given a couple of interviews in the past few days. She is the so-called Razorback booster who wrote the ugly email to freshman quarterback Mitch Mustain. That is the one addressed, “Mr. Interception King.”

In that message, along with a barrage of childish insults, she insists that Mustain leave the university, a wish that was granted last week when he became part of a nationally recognized program at USC. Yes, that is the same school that hung 28 points on the hogs in four seconds.

Let’s not pile on the woman. She claims to have apologized to Mustain, although I question if she feels any remorse. Prewett thinks what she wrote was appropriate for an 18 year old. Let me be so bold to suggest that, she is not his coach, does not work for the University, is not a professor or his mother, and has no business whatsoever sending any sort of unsolicited communication at all. It is not a question of age.

If you have read the email, you know that it would not be allowed in any work setting. It is a wonder she has not been totally banned from the games. College football is more than a game, it is big-time high dollar entertainment. Mustain is going to a school with a real program, as he should have in the first place.

(Broadcast April 23, 2007)

Teresa Prewett is pretty much an all around rude person. She contracted with a company where I work. Her paper work was either late or never turned in. She rarely returned calls regarding patients. When she did, she was so rude everyone hated to deal with her. We have now stopped giving her referrals and hope she will just "go away".
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