Monday, April 30, 2007

Political backwater? Little Rock?

First of all, I don’t know who Sarah Baxter of the London Times thinks she is anyway, but Little Rock, Arkansas is not a political backwater. Her weekend report on a rather tantalizing book by Watergate ace reporter Carl Bernstein, dealing with Senator Hillary Clinton, does make one tingle with anticipation.

Bernstein, it turns out, got access to Diane Blair’s papers at the University of Arkansas. Blair was a political science professor and advisor to former Governor Bill Clinton. She traveled with them in 1992 and, as fate would have it, apparently took a load of notes. Bernstein reportedly has interviewed hundreds and will call some of Mrs. Clinton’s official biography into question.

Yep, that’s Carl Bernstein the liberal Washington Post reporter. He is against the war and Hillary has been for it. The former first lady is certainly not above criticism, but he better have something more interesting than the old Jennifer Flowers stuff.

Only somebody from the London Times could call Little Rock a political backwater. Around here, Ms. Baxter, politics is a contact sport. We play rough and there are still a number of competent retail politicians around here.

(Broadcast April 30, 2007)

Don't get too tingly. Sarah Baxter's report was wrong. Check out the article in today's Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.
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