Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Legislative report card

The legislature is about done, and you have to give them high marks. How about a solid “B?” That is above average and the class work was tough. It cut taxes on groceries and wisely appropriated money to fix up school buildings. Say what you will, nothing but money will do if you want better safer facilities. There is good reason to believe the Lake View case will soon be over, although there will always be some school district that does not think it has gotten a fair deal.

There is another side of the legislative report card. I think the sisters of St. Joseph would have called it “conduct.” Looking at the character of this session, all the so-called pork spending does not really seem that bad. Most of the projects make life better for ordinary folks, and it is hard to see what the issue is. There is, however, a difficulty with lawmakers who do not see outright stealing in 3000% interest on a small personal loan. Most of us can figure out that animal torture is wrong and a serious offense. Even if gay folks are not the best adoptive and foster parents, the General Assembly has only recently come to the table to help those kids with more caseworkers.

A bit less tender loving care for the special interests would have made the final outcome better. It is, indeed, the little foxes that spoil the vine.

(Broadcast April 3, 2007)

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