Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Harry King, the consumate gentleman

And I tried like the very devil to get some vile outburst, but the quick-witted King was having nothign of it. He did remark on Frank Broyles call to John Calipari, but I could not get him to disagree with Brummett - even though King is on the board of the Arkansas Sports Hall of Fame.

Dods anybody else think this fixation John Brummett has on the Sports Hall of Fame is just a little unnerving? It will be a fine facility and is, by no means, the kind of wicked facade for a few greedy boosters, as Brummett's column suggests. I have no idea why John has jumped the track on this one.

King is even cool when I mention Rick Schaffer. It is, nonetheless, a very cool segment (about 12 minutes) and is posted in the "on demand" audio section of lyncho.com.

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