Monday, April 02, 2007

Coach Broyles' Blues

Sometimes, things happen so slowly, you miss the developing larger story. Such is the case with the Fayetteville soap opera and the demise of Athletic Director Frank Broyles.

He has done more for the University of Arkansas than any other Arkansan. We owe him a huge debt. He is a brilliant man of another age. He has built facilities that distinguish the Razorback program and are a credit to us all. Sadly, he has completely lost control of his own department, and that has been the case for some time now.

Many of you will recall the long years of waiting for Houston Nutt to be assigned an offensive coordinator. We all remember how that went. The failure to ensure that Coach Malzahn was allowed to do his job, and the compelte mishandling of the Springdale recruits and their families is nothing but a shambles. Frank Broyles fired Nolan Richardson, one of best basketball coaches in America, after he had been through a recruiting hell imposed by the NCAA. Hindsight may be 20/.20, but wiser heads would have understood the man’s rage.

Now, one of the country’s most promising young coaches has been dismissed, and you will see the caliber of replacement soon enough. Between Broyles, Jim Lindsey and the Nutt clan, things are a mess and it is, very sadly, becoming quite clear that the time has come for Frank to leave the building.

(Broadcast April 2, 2007)

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