Thursday, April 26, 2007

Can't anybody take a joke?

Although we are nation at war, it is still OK to have a laugh every now and then. I say that sarcastically, realizing that the sacrifices of Iraq are unequally spread around and, in the case of the so-called “war on terror,” there is no way to fight against a noun.

Come to think of it, it’s little wonder folks are getting grumpy. John McCain’s “bomb, bomb, Iran” thing was funny. It was a joke, not very good public policy, but still funny. Don’t throw Imus up at me. Although he is a bully, his radio career is far from over. In fact, just leave the entire cult of radio bullies alone. That includes the entire army of bigoted morons making six figures for hurting people who can’t fight back.

No, I rise today in support of good old-fashioned politically incorrect free speech. Now, I ask you, what harm could John Daley driving a golf cart with a handy six-pack at his side possibly do? John admits to drinking to much, but that is a personal choice. CBS Sports has refused the Daley advertisement for a company that makes those carts, and that is just a shame. John is not my personal role model, but I do think he is pretty darned funny and I will continue to laugh at him.

That should make the little censoring so-and-sos.

(Broadcast April 26, 2007)

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