Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Award winning blog?

Mark Elrod's Lame-o Weblog has been nominated for some sort of award given only to such sites that make you think. Mark was kind enough to mention the Lynch at Large blog as one that he likes, and he also had some kind words for my radio show.

I would not expect to get a Thinking Blogger Award, but I am always grateful when some of the sharp young folks at Harding give some time every morning. You do realize that I am on 99.1 KSMD FM, don't you?

And whoever the poster is who believes my voice is annoying, you just come over and talk for three hours some morning! Damn right I am annoying!

Ever since Harding abolished burning at the stake, things have been so much more relaxed there.

Marie and I had quite a chat over the church song leader post. Of course, Marie knows the song about the mansions. I agree with Mark. If you would just break down and try out the Anglican church, you would NEVER hear that one. Promise.

Again, thanks for the good ink. Please tell all your friends about this blog and my radio show.

I'm glad Elrod posted that link to your blog. I was a faithful listener when I was at HU, but I haven't caught you since '03. I'll check you out at (what are to me) your new digs.

Oh, and I can never thank you enough for coaxing me into the Faded Rose...
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