Saturday, April 21, 2007

The audio archive

There is some great weekend listening available for free download at my home page,

∑ This weekend, Rebekah Kennedy, a Fort Smith lawyer, will announce her candidacy for United States Senate on the Green Party Ticket.

∑ One attorney who represents the ACLU of Arkansas, Holly Dickson, was a guest on the radio show. She sees the ruling on late term abortions as a threat to women's health.

∑ Former UCA Athletic Director, and SportStar Management executive, Vance Strange has been with the Arkansas Sports Hall of Fame since its' inception and he was preset for the opening Wednesday.

∑ Fans can purchase single game tickets to Arkansas Twisters through the Alltel Arena box office, online at or call Ticketmaster at 975-7575. Arkansas’ home opener is Saturday, April 28th at 7:05pm. Twisters President Jack Lankford stopped by.

∑ Nancy Bounds ended up in Little Rock after fleeing Katrina and has developed a unique art form from her damaged family pictures.

∑ Jim Harris wrote one of the lead articles in Arkansas Times concerning the citizen journalist who filed an FOI request for Houston Nutt's cell phone records. cities" list.

∑ The National Coalition for the Homeless has cited Little Rock as one of the most hostile toward homeless people, but that may change. Michael Stoops, Acting Director, says that officials seem to have a new attitude and police are arresting fewer homeless people.

∑ Congressman Vic Snyder spent some time on the show commenting on the deployment of the 39th. Brigade and the stress on Arkansas Reserve and Guard units.

∑ The Rt. Rev. John Rucyahana has a lot to say about forgiveness and reconciliation. Rwanda is the scene of a horrible slaughter of over 1 million people in 100 days.

∑ Mike Ellis has been calling himself the President of the Pat Lynch Fan Club for over 20 years, now he works helping churches fill the pews.

∑ Author, farmer, and notable "crunchy con" Ragan Sutterfield is always a great guest.. Ragan and some of his overly intelligent friends have started a new web site, designed to help readers gain knowledge of various informed viewpoints on important issues.

∑ Gary Cambbell and Lyncho have innocent chatter about the new basketball guy from USA. Lynch likes him but Campbell seems a bit disappointed. The guys also share some quality time on the dark side.

∑ Butch stone showed off his "gift of gab" in an extended chat with me. We talked about the Riverfront Amphitheater, War Memorial Stadium, and Altell Arena. Butch has opinions on religion, politics, the music business, and a hundred other things.

∑ The Arkansas Travs manager, Bill Valentine, gave a wild interview on his new restaurant, hot dog quality control, parking near the new ball field, beer distributors and much more. It was truly entertaining!

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