Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Arizona Corporation Commission is a bunch of idiots

To begin with, the Union Pacific main line between El Paso and Los Angeles is also known as a parking lot. It is single tracked much of the way and is almost certainly the busiest stretch of railroad in the United States. And, yes, it does screw up Amtrak's Sunset Limited passenger train which runs three times a week in each direction.

Discontinue Amtrak tomorrow and the trackage is still full of stopped freight trains. Stopped. Crews "dead on the law" having exceeded the 12 hours of legally permissible service before being rested. Trains creep at snails pace and it is a nightmare getting good from the Gulf Coast to the Pacific.

Union Pacific Railroad, not known to employ the most brilliant or sensitive management types, has a plan to build 50 miles of double track in Arizona. AP has the story. For this, they should get parades and hugs from cheerleaders, Instead, a bunch of state bureaucrats, morons, imbeciles, dimwits, drooling fools, buffoons and fools are putting up a stink because the railroad is not putting in any overpasses.

never mind the economic development improvements and obvious benefit to the interstate highways, already being beaten to death by truckers.

Have these blowhards ever heard of something called the "interstate commerce clause?" The railroad's plan enormously helps the entire country and the yahoos opposing it ought to be sent to Guantanamo for a little attitude adjustment.

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