Monday, March 19, 2007

Your cheatin' heart ...

It is funny how old names come popping up in the news. Folks in Pulaski County have duly noted the most recent troubles of a former Little Rock school superintendent. Among all of them, old Hank Williams (real name, honest) was certainly one.

He is most notable for successfully privatizing school bus operations. He saw to it that an outfit named Laidlaw got the contract. It was a bloody fight, but when Williams moved on to Kansas City, he became prominent in national advertising for the same big school bus company. To me, it seemed rather odd, but I am a suspicious guy.

By the way, Kansas City public schools are almost universally regarded as being among the worst in America. Further, local and state taxpayers have spent billions on the system with the only result that a few bureaucrats have padded their bank accounts. Williams ultimately left K. C. for greener pastures, but the folks in suburban St. Louis caught on pretty quick. They were all over the state to perform an audit, and now Williams is under several felony indictments.

Nobody can say that Hank Williams is guilty, for sure, but there will be a trial. Public corruption is a crime and I do appreciate a community that takes it seriously, even if I do not happen to live in such a place.

(Broadcast March 19, 2007)

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