Thursday, March 01, 2007

Toyota troubles

Three is a lot of chatter over why Marion lost the Toyota plant to Mississippi. I am sure Stan Heath often wonders why Mississippi plays so darned tough. Even corporate execs have had a hard time keeping the story straight. One says it is air quality problems near Memphis, another says it was nothing of the sort.

Governor Beebe was so unfortunate as to repeat what an official told him, but it looks like the slave labor wages of Mississippi had the most pull of cost-conscious Japanese. I had the good fortune to discuss this fascinating topic with my friend Roby Brock of Roby says the final outcome has a lot to do with Mississippi’s so-called car colleges, which train workers for the assembly lines.

Roby has a breakthrough observation. What is wrong with Arkansas creating a program to educate workers for the thousands of unfilled and good paying jobs in such industries as medical care and trucking? He makes entirely too much sense, since this might be equal to a super-project every year. You can hear the segment on my home page,

(Broadcast March 1, 2007)

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