Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Stan Heath, fare thee well

I was almost feeling sorry for Stan Heath until I realized that he was about to get a $900,000 payoff for his contract. Let me tell you that, when a guy gets canned in radio, the severance is typically somewhat less. Nolan Richardson may still be living on the Razorback Foundation for all I know. He had a huge contract, but that would be appropriate for the only Razorback coach of a major sport to win a true national championship. It is still a darned shame about Stan.

There was this huge conversation about whether calling Coach Heath “classy” was some sort of cheap white guy put down. Heck, most of us on this side of the microphone would love to be thought of that way. Heath’s ethical and honest behavior is in stark contrast to some others.

We need to remember that, no matter what boosters and recruiters say, college athletics is not about developing better human beings. It is about making richer human beings out of the entertainment industry sharks that surround the so-called student athletes. It is all entertainment.

Feeding Christians to the lions may have been more bloodthirsty and repulsive, but it is more honest thatn big time college sports. And, yes, I watch - just like the rest of you.

(Broadcast March 27, 2007)

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