Saturday, March 31, 2007

Marion and Me

Although I screwed up the recording (total rookie mistake - I AM an idiot and, according to the wise provisions of the Arkansas Constitution of 1874, should not be allowed to vote) there are a few noteworthy items from the conversation.

He credits Speaker Pelosi with a more open process than when the Democrats last controlled the House in the early Clinton administration.

Laments how the Schedule D Medicare drug benefit is being handled and contends that seniors are spending more on medicines now. He also says that drug stores are being hit hard by slow pay from the gov, as reported yesterday in the Jonesboro Sun.

Thinks that Iraq is the most serious thing to happen to America since WWII and that we need to have better international relations to deal with it.

Optimistic about biofuels and, surprisingly to me, says that the anticipated increase in grain use for fuel will not force food prices up.

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