Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Little Rock city government woes

State Rep. David Johnson has introduced a bill which would give the Mayor of Little Rock more executive power. This matters to you because the entire Arkansas General Assembly will have to decide the issue.

Johnson is also the author of an excellent law which would punish payday lenders for charging their outrageous interest rates, but on this one, he is on the wrong side. As a resident of the capitol city, I can tell you that we do not need a stronger Mayor.

Little Rock is saddled with an unfair and undemocratic city board that mixes at-large and ward representatives. The end result is that the wealthy special interests are assured of winning every fight. Only people with lots of money, or the ability to raise lots of cash, can run for the at-large spots. The elites have all the power in Little Rock city government and, frankly, giving the Mayor, who is elected citywide, more power probably gives even greater sway to the fat cats.

You can easily see how the insiders who run the convention and visitors bureau have had their way with the rest of us. Please ask your representatives to say “no” to more power for Little Rock’s mayor. I would consider it a personal favor.

(Broadcast March 6, 2007)

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