Wednesday, March 14, 2007

KDXE 1380

One or two of you may have noted that my program is no longer carried on KDXE AM 1380, the former Air America station in Little Rock. This is a situation about which I learned Tuesday just before noon.

It would be near impossible to explain the maze of legal entanglements involved here, including my status, the Gordon Media Group's status, Nova M (which had owned the Local Management Agreement to operate Air America in LR) and the owners in Austin, Texas. Confused? It doesn't even matter.

The long and the short of it is that the Texas owners have decided to return KDXE to its' fabulously profitable and well respected ESPN format. Why not? Nobody else in the market is doing sports. 1380 is one of the city's great radio signals, so I just wish management the best of luck.

Alas, for my enemies, I am not going away. You can catch me on 99.1 in Search in much of Pulaski County. 710 AM bleeds into parts of the city. You can always log on to (Yes, that is, and don't get me started on that.)

AND, don't forget the archives on

Please let your friends know about me, and thanks for your loyalty.

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