Thursday, March 08, 2007

It's a disaster

While most of us might understand that the Bush administration has some deep problems of credibility and performance, you have to give Secretary of Defense Robert Gates his due. When glaring deficiencies were discovered at Walter Reed Army Hospital, heads rolled.

It might be argued that the fired administrators were scapegoated to cover up for the congressionally ordered policy of outsourcing. The previous Republican congress had so little concern for American military heroes that they just sold out their care to the lowest bidder.

Would Gates be available for a few days at FEMA. There’s a bureaucratic wart on the backside of government. The federal bean counters seem unable to figure out whether Dumas fits the established criteria for federal help, and Senator Mark Pryor rightly observes that the standards are highly subjective, so they should get off their lazy duffs and get some help moving to Desha County.

Some of that assistance certainly ought to involve sending, perhaps, a hundred or so of the almost ten thousand mobile homes permanently stored a hundred miles away at the Hope airport. This same bunch took a week to figure out hat Katrina might be a serious weather event, so apparently nothing has changed since.

(Broadcast March 8, 2007)

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