Wednesday, March 28, 2007

In defense of Katie Couric

This is a little embarrassing, but here goes anyway. This is on the level. Usually, this is where you hear the voice of wisdom; but today, get ready for the voice of experience.

That darned internet will get you confused and befuddled if you are not careful. That is exactly what happened with a link off the Drudge Report purporting to be a representation of Katie Couric’s questions for Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards and his wife Elizabeth on 60 Minutes.

Couric is under a lot of pressure in the anchor desk because she is not Bob Scheefer. Couric is also being nitpicked to death, which is rather common in the crazy world of electronic media. The specific allegation is that Couric was too hard on the cancer stricken Elizabeth.

Couric once lost a spouse to cancer and it is supposed that she should show more “empathy.” One of the malicious items planted in cyberspace is an edited montage of Couric asking what sounds like a two-minute question. I thought it might have been on the level. The editing was just that good. Fool me once and I already look like a bozo.

Now that I have better acquainted myself with the transcript, it is my opinion that Katie Couric asked some hard question, and that is her job. It is the Edwards’ job to answer them as long as John wants to be President of the United States.

(Broadcast March 28, 2007)

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