Tuesday, March 20, 2007

"I love Pat Lynch to death.."

Thanks Randy Rainwater, host of Drive Time Sports. I appreciate the free publicity. Randy made comment today concerning my show this morning referenced in the post below. I also love you to death, double-R, so please take this in a spirit of friendship. I have never, ever under any circumstances flown off on the "seat of my pants" with a story for the sake of attracting an audience.

If anybody can contradict this, please come forward. It is always my goal to be "fair and balanced."

And I thought the purpose of broadcasting was to attract an audience. I am profoundly grateful for Rainwater's kindness and I have no hard feelings about anybody working for my former employer, Signal Media, 1037 The Buzz (or The Point, for that matter).

UPDATE - 4:50PM A caller has challenged Randy to get the facts. Randy says he has read some of it. Randy suggests that the info could be damaging. Does that mean that I might not have gone off on the "seat of my pants?" Understand, I am not trying to interpret the meaning of the cell phone records. Let other smarter people do that.

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