Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Footsy anybody?

There is a big public corruption trial going on just up the road from here in beautiful downtown Cabot. The former chief of police, his wife, and a bail bondsman are on trial for a number of alleged offenses. I would never presume to pass judgment. That is why we have jury trials, and they are mostly right.

Have you been following this thing? Without descending to an adolescent fascination on such matters, I am amazed at the ingenuity of some folks looking for someplace (anyplace?) to do what comes naturally. Let’s see. The woman and a state prison inmate working at the county jail supposedly used the closets, cars, RV’s, and just about any other location to get in as much as possible. Now, this is either an amazing fete of endurance and cunning or a delightful fantasy. Either way, it likely will soon become a Lifetime movie.

If I get the story right, the female pursuer is said to have even gone after the gentleman when he was taken back to the big house. All of this began with a game of footsy. That’s interesting because I never thought of it as a game, though I guess most of us know what winning looks like. I don’t know if anybody is guilty or not, I just love a good story.

(Broadcast March 14, 2007)

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