Thursday, March 22, 2007

The devil's instrument

P. T. Barnham once said there is no such thing as bad publicity. Yesterday, I got plenty of coverage on several Razorback internet discussion boards and even a couple of gracious mentions on Drive Time Sports. It concerned a guest appearance by Gary Campbell, a broadcaster and sports guy up in Northwest Arkansas.

Gary made strong reference to some emerging information concerning Houston Nutt’s cell phone records. The timing of communications between Nutt and Teresa Prewett, on the very day she sent the abusive email to then-quarterback Mitch Mustain, suggests that the head coach may not have been so totally in the dark as he has contended. Remember also that Wally Hall reported that Mrs. Nutt forwarded the atrocious email with a note of her own about how funny it was. Of course, the evidence is completely circumstantial, and even I would prefer to think the best of Coach Nutt.

Many of the reactions about me were somewhat negative, and some were positive. I would like to gently remind Randy Rainwater that, while I have occasionally been wrong, I have never gone off by the seat of my pants. That suggests a level of professional carelessness that I am sure he did not mean to infer. Like it or not, my broadcast career spans 38 years and almost 24 of them in Little Rock.

(Broadcast March 21, 2007)

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