Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Ah, Spokane!

If you are one of the folks traveling to Spokane for the NCAA tournament, you are in luck. That was my home for a number of years. My first talk show was up there, so let me set you straight right now.

There are some decent eating places. Clinkerdagger’s is a fine place for red meat types. The Onion Bar and Grill is an old Lyncho hangout. Try the deep fried onions. Cyrus O’Leary’s is another swell dinner place. Domini’s has huge sandwhiches. It is on Sprague Street downtown.

Most of the good places will be close to downtown. Spokane has a sensible public transportation system and a lively center city. Gonzaga University is located in Spokane, so stop by to see Bing Crosby’s statue. The river goes through the middle of town and you used to be able to ride over in a gondola car.

Say hi to my friends, Mike Fitzsimmons, Chuck DeBruin, and Martha Lou Wheatley. Stick around for St. Patrick’s Day Saturday, if you can. I recall it being a lot of fun. Careful if you go to the I-Hop. I got 86-ed there once upon a time. A certain young lady and me were requested to depart from the Windows bar overlooking the Spokane Falls. I was much younger then. Stop off at the Davenport Hotel and see if that moth eaten stuffed bear is still in the lobby.

Have fun.

(Broadcast March 15, 2007)

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