Wednesday, February 28, 2007

This is good government?

Once again, the only Senator with a brain or a conscience turns out to be Jim Argue. It figures that he would be the only Senate committee member to stand up for moral principles with a vote in favor of curbing payday lending.

Lawmakers are hell bent on throwing the constitution in the waste heap of history by passing a seat belt law that legalizes racial profiling and every other kind of imaginable police misconduct.

It looks like there will be no increase in the severance tax on natural gas, even though Arkansans pay high prices when they get gas from anyplace else.

Even the minimum wage is not safe from our clownish legislators. Folks who work for tips will be cut back to the previous level and so will daycare workers, companions, newspaper delivery folks and wreath makers. (That was wreath makers and not cheese makers, just in case you had a hard time hearing.)

Another monster lurking around in the legislative murk is the local spending bill.

It is good for all of us that they only get to write their own laws once every two years. Brummett may be right. This may be the best legislative session in years. Maybe ever. Still, I have had just about all the good government I can stand.

(Broadcast February 28, 2007)

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