Friday, February 16, 2007

Stubborn old men

Rumors are flying about the seemingly inevitable departure of University of Arkansas Athletic Director Frank Broyles. As a fairly constant voice from the dark side, it is difficult to say good riddance.

Has anybody else noted the similarities to the final days of Nolan Richardson? Of course, Richardson had an actual bona fide national championship under his belt and a national reputation for excellence. Broyles has built the athletic sector of the University into something much greater than what one would expect in such a small and poor state.

So, here is Coach Broyles in the final hours and things are spinning out of control. He will take the opportunity to go gracefully, or so we all presume. Nolan should have been so wise. Some of the same people who turned on Richardson have now turned on Frank, although he is pretty much getting exactly what he is due. There is an equity sometimes apparent in the universe. Some call it karma. Broyles has a better hand, but the end is still bitter.

Maybe these guys will meet at the supermarket some day and make peace. I do hope that Coach Richardson gets welcomed back into Bud Walton Arena some day for a triumphant visit. Nolan and Frank are just too darned important and are entitled to their place of honor.

(Broadcast February 16, 2007)

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