Monday, February 19, 2007

Some days you feel like a Nutt

The Stephens Media Group papers ran an epic conversation with Razorback Coach Houston Dale Nutt over the weekend. It is the verbatim transcript of a 72 minute sit-down and you may rest assured that the darksiders and the sunshine pumpers will selectively quote whichever parts suit them to make a point – or sometimes not make a point. Alex Abrams conducts a fine interview and Nutt is, depending on which side you live on, cooperative or boldly deceptive.

He claims not to be mad about the Kurt Voigt book. I have a recent interview with Voigt, who is the author of Year of the Dog and also prep sports editor for the Morning News of Northwest Arkansas, or my personal home page, He has some good background.

Nutt claims not to know if his wife forwarded Teresa Prewett’s appalling email. That seems unlikely. Nutt says his job was in jeopardy going in to the season and claims not to have ever been interested in a move up the career ladder. That is easy for a prospective athletic director to say.

Houston Nutt says he should do a better job recruiting. His story adds some additional pieces to the puzzle and I am waiting for smarter people to put it all together. Frank Broyles says he is retiring. He needs to go. So does Nutt.

(Broadcast February 19, 2007)

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