Wednesday, January 18, 2006


It all started when I saw the Democrat-Gazette sports page coverage of Damian Williams, winner of the Landers Award. Anyway, I thought that Mitch Mustain got too much coverage on the story and I penned off a little note as part of my morning newsletter. Here is what I had to say:

Mitch Mustain must be a very classy young man. He declined to hold up half of the Landers trophy which was presented to Damian Williams. Mustain correctly observed that it was Williams' award. The Democrat-Gazette story was very disrespectful of Williams and never even gets around to quoting him till at least nine paragraphs down. Let us hope that young Damian reads that story and remembers well how screwed up the Arkansas program really is, how the press fawns over losers like Houston Nutt, and that he is set to play for a fine program in Florida. It is young Mr. Mustain that has made the tragic and ill-advised decision to stay close to home and mama. Mitch, enjoy the good pub while you still can. Look how Damian was mistreated and remember, someday that could very easily be YOU. There is still time to reconsider.

Then a guy posted it on "The Hill," which is a big Razorback fan message board. Some of the reactions, EVERY ONE OF THEM ANONYMOUS, were hilarious.

I have never been happier to hear that a radio personality was taken off the air. Pat Lynch was truly painful to listen to - the one-time I actually listened to an entire segment in order to give him a chance.

WOW, he listened ONCE. Now that's a fair-minded man. Nice to know that he has never been happier to see any radio guy get bounced, and after only one show! Now that is what I call MAKING AN IMPACT!

As you can see, I was a big hit on THE HILL. Here are a few more descriptive quotes.

albino Dragonish looking clown

the largest douche bag to EVER put pencil to paper

Pat lynch knows just as much about fitness Equipment and healthy diet

He has the small pecker syndrome

Marshmellow man jealous of athletes wants to do whatever necessary to tear down the program

So long as Houston Nutt is head Coach, I don't need to work very hard tearing the progrma down. Check out the entire thread for a few laughs and let me know your reaction!

UPDATE! Max and the gaqng at the Arkansas Times Blog mentioned my interview with Democratic Party chair Jason Willitt. Damn, wouldn't you know that all the HATERS come out! Where is the love?

Keep telling it like it is!
The fact is those dopes can't handle the truth!
Ya gotta just love dopey sportsters. My god, it's a freakin' game. I am continually amazed at the fact that many sports fans are such fanatics, sort of like the right-wing's sad too that Mustain is being put in the position he is. The hopes of all the whacked out Hog fans being hung on him. My god. That is very unfair.
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