Monday, January 09, 2006

Mark Pryor Building Bridges

The Washington Times has a story about the annual National Prayer Breakfast. Normally it's a big snooze. All the inside-the-beltway pseudo-religious windbags get together and pretend that the Almighty Ruler of the Universe does not see what they are doing to this country. This year, Arkansas' Junior Senator Mark Pryor is co-chair.

Jordan's King Abdullah II will offer a prayer. Here is part of the Times report.

Sources familiar with the breakfast say the king's aides have been quietly looking for months for ways Abdullah can make contact with the leaders of America's 50 million evangelical Christians, a group that claims President Bush as an adherent.

During a 10-day swing through the United States in September as a spokesman for a tolerant Islam, Abdullah met with several dozen rabbis in the District, visited Riverside Church in New York and spoke at Catholic University.

His speech inspired Washington Cardinal Theodore E. McCarrick to respond with a reciprocal prayer "in the name of Allah."

But the evangelicals remained untouched. The king's aides began putting out calls.

To whom exactly will the King pray, and, since this is a public political event staged to enhance the religious image of elected politicians, will Senator Pryor join him?

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