Friday, January 20, 2006

Jason Willett, Chairman of the Arkansas Democratic Party, made some news when he stopped by the WAI Radio studios Thursday morning. Of course, you can hear his interview in the comprehensive FREE "on demand" archives at WAI You can read about it in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, if you have a subscription.

he had some things to say about the Abramoff scandal and state politics. Here is part of what the Democrat-Gazette wrote.

It's become a regular theme for the chairman, who again mentioned $10,000 that the lobbyist paid to the state Republican Party in 2001 and again mentioned that former Arkansas Republican U.S. Sen. Tim Hutchinson was on a list of "friends of the owner" at a restaurant owned by Abramoff.

Hutchinson's brother, Asa, is the Republican candidate for governor in November. Democrat Mike Beebe, Arkansas attorney general, also is running.

"I just wonder if Tim ever took his brother Asa there for that free meal, too," Willett said on the air.

Willett also got some tough questions on donations to his party from the payday loan industry and Mike Beebe's failure to defend the state constitution limit on interest rates. He was uncomfortable.

Did anyone ask him about how he's bankrupted the state Democratic party through his reckless spending?
Funny you should ask He addressed the spending issue on his own. You can hear it in the archives at So, if dems win elections, why should you even care?
Pat what about the Beebe staff's double-dipping?
the story is at
Thanks for the "heads up." If true, it's kinda' par for the course. You guys at could occasionally give me a mention, ya' know. Wouldn't kill ya'. Heck, say something bad!
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