Thursday, January 05, 2006

In very bad taste....

Our friend Bigdaddyo must have gotten into some bad tequila. Here is his latest offering, for which I apologize in advance. When I die, make all the jokes you want.

top ten notes left to loved ones from the coal mine:

10) please don't look in my bottom desk drawer, just have my brother burn those magazines!
9) i'm gonna' be late for dinner!
8) nothing but an ugly ass tie for christmas, and now this?!
7) honey, don't worry about finances. i bet our life savings on usc in the national championship game!
6) the carbon monoxide is bad, ...but chuck had beans for lunch again!
5) ...i've had some time to think down here, and i still don't buy your story about how it's possible for two white people to have a black child!
4) this makes the poor reception on the satellite when it rains seem really trivial!
3) ...bruce keeps asking if anyone else saw brokeback mountain!
2) yes, those pants do make your ass look huge!

and the #1 note left to loved ones from the coal mine: "...i knew i should have attended itt tech!"

Then why would you post the list? It is just as bad to perpetuate the list. Horrible.
I agree with the first post. Pat, I am normally a fan, but this is disgusting -absolutely disgusting. PLEASE TAKE IT DOWN. Anyone that finds humor in that is a sick detestable person.
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