Wednesday, January 04, 2006

How 'bout them Longhorns!!

One of the problems with the ABC telecast is that it was not sufficiently commercialized or embarrassing. Some suggestions.

How is it that the coin toss ceremony was not sold to some advertiser like Bank of America?

Having former Justice O'Connor flip the coin was a waste of a great revenue opportunity. Waffle House does lots of flips every day. Find the advertising tie-in.

Instead of all these heroic salutes to exceptional athletic performances, how about "The bone-headed play of the game?" Maybe some truck driving school could buy that time. Perfect time to pitch a new career after you mess up the first one.

How about the Southwest Airlines Getaway Bad Call of the Game? That would point out the dumb officiating mistakes, like that TD they gave away to Texas.

Did anybody see the sweet lady from the Tournament of Roses being interviewed? For a moment I thought it was old Matilda.

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