Friday, January 13, 2006

Another Top Ten List

I don't know what on earth has gotten in to Bigdaddyo, but he strikes again with some commentary on life in Central Arkansas.

top ten slogans for central arkansas:

10) chenal: "what the hell are you doing in our neighborhood?!"
9) otter creek: "just as good as maumelle!"
8) southwest little rock: "lock and load!"
7) pine bluff: "the aromatic oasis!"
6) north little rock: "not as insecure as we once were!"
5) conway: "behave yourself at our gay pride parade!"
4) cabot: "worth the gas money!"
3) ward: "not worth the gas money!"
2) beebe: "we tell people we live in cabot!"

and the #1 slogan for central arkansas: little rock: "where the sh*t kickin is a metaphor!"

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