Monday, December 12, 2005

"Yes" on Number One and Number Two

The WAI archives have two hours from today which will give you all the best “for” arguments on each of these propositions. It goes without saying that I strongly support both.

Taking #2 first, it’s just plain stupid not to vote for any educational proposal most of the time. This is a one time only bonding authority which provides about $150 million for specific building project at Arkansas’ colleges and universities. Not one dime goes to sports facilities. It allows for an economy of scale because the schools can do all the building at once. There is also a substantial program for internet upgrades. This is a wise use of taxpayer money that has to be spent anyway. Should be totally non-controvercial and there is no orgamized opposition.

It is quite a bit different for #1, which has been opposed by the truckers. Governor Huckabee was quick to add on my show today that the opposition is not nearly unanimous among the trucking industry. The Arkansas Truckers Association, knowing that there will soon be a rookie governor and a legislature full of even more inexperienced lawmakers, can smell a chance to go after the constitutionally independent Highway Department.

Passing the bonding authority for the highway department gives them the same ability enjoyed by most private businesses, a revolving line of credit. The $550 million can only be used to maintain interstate highways. Voters or the legislature still approve everything else and you DO NOT give up the right to vote. That is just BS.

Governor Huckabee was unequivocal today. A simple majority of the legislature is all that is needed to end this program.

This will substantially save money by bringing larger contractors in to bid on larger jobs. Arkansas had the worst roads in the country back in 1999. That is the logical consequence of “pay as you go.” Let’s keep our good interstates in good repair. I am voting “yes” and you should too.

Failing to pass just about assures les highway department dollars for rural highways.

It ought to be a "no brainer."

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