Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Tuesday Toppers

After months of negotiations between St. Francis County officials and Attentus Healthcare, a deal to operate the Forrest City hospital has collapsed only hours before parties were to sign a lease. Negotiations have resumed with Community Health Systems after Attentus announced that it could not fulfill terms of its’ previous offer. Baprist Hospital of Memphis announced plans to stop running the hospital last year.

The Times-Record in Fort Smith reports that, with drought conditions predicted through March, officials are exploring a temporary alternate water source and more restrictive conservation measures. The drought has reduced the levels in Lake Fort Smith, Lake Shepherd Springs and the Lee Creek Reservoir to the point that, if no additional rain is received, those sources have a four-month supply remaining, according to city officials.

In Central Arkansas, drought conditions are even more serious in Perry County.

Arkansas correction officers use force much more often than four years ago, according to a data from the Department of Correction reported in Sunday’s Democrat-Gazete. The Department declined to provide the forms which must be completed whenever officers use force, saying these are parts of inmates records and not subject to Freedom of Information.

A Saline County program aimed at getting parents to pay back-child support has resulted in six felony convictions and more than $100,000 in restitution orders in its first year of operation.

Firefighting airplanes will not arrive at Drake Field in Fayetteville until after the spring fire season. The U.S. Forest Service is establishing an air tanker base at the airport, but will not move from Fort Smith until May or June.

Just wanted to let you kknow I enjoy your e-mails coming thru.
They have a lot of good information.
Just wondering if you have heard anything updated on the situation at Maramduke school and the two board members/
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