Saturday, December 03, 2005

Taylor - Hopkins Rumble TONIGHT!

My pal Bigdaddyo sent in a little essay on the "big fight."

...once upon a time there were all these people from arkansas who didn't really understand that boxing is a sport driven by the almighty dollar and controlled by shady characters with bent noses. they celebrated the hometown boy who had been set up as a paper champion to create a big money fight in a town founded on gambling and prostitution. the altruistic arkies spent thousands of their hard earned dollars to follow their paper champion into the desert for the big fight. behind closed doors, men in smokey rooms wearing shiny suits and too much jewelry chuckled and counted while muttering "pig sooie" under their breath.

...the citizens of the natural state wandered around in the casinos, even though most really couldn't afford to, while wearing razorback shirts, even though most never attended the university of arkansas. they broke out into spontaneous hog calling, even though their paper champion also never attended the university of arkansas. in a town known as sin city where the buildings all have facades and the games of chance are tilted ever so slightly toward the house and the pretty girls will pretend to like you for an hourly rate, nothing is as it seems.

...does the paper champion from the natural state have a chance to win? of course he does! do the citizens from the natural state have a chance to beat the house and make a profit on their trip to the desert? of course they do! however, in this wr
iter's opinion, the odds are tilted ever so slightly against the non u of a alums in the razorback shirts...and boxing shorts.

...fortunately, the outcome of taylor/hopkins two will not be left to my speculation or to the speculation of the red shirt and rose colored glasses wearing followers of the paper champion. reality will come crashing down tonight in sin city in the form of green on the roulette wheel, twenty one for the black jack dealer, and the fists, head and elbows of one pissed off bernard hopkins.

...and justin acri will owe big daddyo seventy five cents!

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