Sunday, December 18, 2005

Segregation-Era Signs Found in Arkansas

Associated Press Writer

This story was first reported in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette last week It is about a discovery made while remodeling he Osco Drug building on Main Street.

If you are a certain age, like me, you remember segregation. I will remember downtown Mobile and the segregated rest rooms and water fountains. Of course, there were separate lunch counters and waiting rooms too. The farthest east large room of the old Union Station at Markham and Victory was the waiting area for black railroad passengers. I guess the signage is long gone. The much older Rock Island station,now the location of the Clinton School of Public Service (or whatever the dickens they are calling it) had rooms for whites, blacks and women.

Mayor Dailey is right. The wall with the racial designations for segregated water fountains must be saved. Otherwise, future generations would never believe we were so stupid.

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