Monday, December 26, 2005

Monday is Pat Lynch Day in the Democrat-Gazette

Today, I offer up an array of festive flying arrows. Darksiders will especially enjoy the column, which can be found on the Voices page of the Democrat-Gazette.

I have not yet received my official banning from the city limits of Fayetteville and all Razorback events, but I DID get another press release from drew Pritt. Ordinarily, I would not encourage him, but this one comes with the offer of a state job, which comes with a PENSION. Hmmmmm, better think this one over.

Contact : Drew Pritt at 1.501.454.4093 or

Drew Pritt, Democrat for Lt. Governor, says that should he be elected Lt.
Governor he believes the best individual to be his Press Secretary would
be the Little Rock Press Legend, Pat Lynch.

"Pat Lynch possesses the qualities of humility, sincerity, and an innate
almost Presbyterianesque or Lutheraneque disdain for political
self-promotion," said Pritt. "Pat Lynch however never promotes WAI Radio,
rather trusting in an unseen predestination-like attitude of scheduling
guests, promoting the internet radio station, or talking about important
issues of the day. Also, I don't think Pat Lynch has EVER asked for or
suggested guests/politicians should buy advertising with his radio

Pritt feels after a campaign on ideas, like a heavy holiday Turkey or
Goose dinner, the Arkansas public needs light and non-intrusive reporting
from the Lt. Governor's office.

It was on Pat Lynch's morning show that Pritt announced his candidacy for
Lt. Governor. This can be found online at

Also, more of Lynch's humble commentary can be found at

Pritt points to Lynch's virtuoso of manifest-destiny views on the news of
the day at

There is no comment yet whether Pat Lynch would accept the position.

(NOTE TO THE READER - This is my kind and playful response to Lyncho's
political jab at me today in his column.

"Drew Pritt, Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor, is on fire. He
rolls out about a dozen press releases in a slow week outlining his
carefully reasoned position on every social and economic circumstance
known to mankind. I fully expect to get an e-mail soon with a subject line
that goes something like this : "Pritt issues 17 media announcements in
one week, breaking his own world record for shameless self-promotion."

For the actual record and you can quote me, Pat Lynch is a great guy!)

Oh, crap, I thought that I was in the running for the job. I am ticked off. Yippy!!!
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