Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Lyncho the Darksider

I have recently come to a deeper understanding of myself. I really truly honestly love the Hogs. I love the helmut so much that I actually want the Razorback to win!

although I am not a dying child, I would still like to fulfill this dream and there is only one way. Houston Nutt must go. Mitch Mustain's apparent case of "cold feet" gives me the perfect opportunity to make a point.

Ask yourself this question. Do it seriously. If it is announced that Mustain has selected Arkansas over Tennessee, does anybody expect panic in Knoxville?

Why not?

Could it be that Tennessee has a top notch recruiting program. They are not depending on a "savior."

Now, another question. What quality college program would be seriously considering a high school coach? What program would allow a prospective recruit to dictate hiring a high school coach? Remember, I said "quality."

Yes, I am really concerned.

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