Sunday, December 18, 2005

Lake View Ruling

My column in Monday's Democrat-Gazette deals with the Lake View ruling, which was released last Thursday. The Saturday editorial in the Democrat-Gazette was an excellent review, with which I concur. (See, reading legal decisions does this to you.) Meredith Oakley has a column today with which I concur in part. Anyway, you might need to read the decision for yourself, so here is a link.

In my opinion, Justice Robert Brown hits yet another home run. By contrast, one must wonder if Chief Justice Jim Hannah, who wrote the loudest dissent, got his law degree at Wal-Mart.

UPDATE: Max and the gang at the Arkansas Times blog have some legislative reaction which lets you know that they either did not read the ruling or did not understand it. Wonder which it could be? Laziness or stupidity? What a conundrum!

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