Sunday, December 18, 2005

Jack Anderson

There was a time, back in the days of the original political and smart Pat Lynch Show, that I could call Jack Anderson whenever I was in a tight spot to find a guest. He always treated me with the greatest respect and kindness and I appreciated his professionalism and regular availability.

He was knowledgeable on everything. Jack was always an outstanding interview and he never seemed to mind that I depended on him when I was in a jam.

The Reuters report says quite a bit more abut his illustrious career, which includes a Pulitzer Prize

Anderson was most memorable when he talked about Joe McCarthy, the anti-Communist crusading Senator from the early 1950's. He recounted his personal conversations with McCarthy which showed that McCarthy only used toe "red scare" for political advancement. Of course, I guess just about anybody could figure that out.

Jack invited me to visit his D. C. office, but I never made it. Darned shame.

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