Sunday, December 04, 2005

Hot Springs Idiots

As you may know, Hot Springs hosts the annual Miss Arkansas beauty pageant. It's one of the Spa City's major events, which gets a huge push from the local business community.

The story goes like this. When time came around for the Chri, errrr, Holiday Parade, the classic car everybody thought was reserved for the reigning Miss Arkansas was already occupied by another rider. It is reported in the Democrat Gazette that the owner of that convertible made is his disclosure at the last minute. And, yes, Miss Arkansas happens to be of African-American ancestry.

You can't get to Saturday's story in the Democrat-Gazette without a subscription, but KATV Channel 7 did file this an account

Critics have a good argument. What would organizers have done with the entry if there were a flat tire? No backup?

The Arkansas Times blog has a very entertaining discussion in which all the morons divide up into predictable groups slinging accusations around like hand grenades.

My opinion. Racism in Hot Springs? How could that possibly be?

But, seriously, it is more likely the action of a single stupid old man. Still, a PR nightmare and somebody could have used some backbone.

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