Tuesday, December 06, 2005

He doth protest too much!

Assistant Chief Says He's Not Responsible For Chief's Retirement
Ken Watson Addresses Issue In An Open Letter
By Steve Caraway
The Morning News

Since the release of an investigation into former Springdale Chief Sid Rieff, there has been some reaction. The Morning News of Northwest Arkansas (linked above) says that Assistant Chief Ken Watson had a few things to say in an "open letter."

The report mentions Watson in one section, where Rieff states he stopped delegating duties to Watson because of the assistant chief's tendency to procrastinate.

When the city began a nationwide search to replace Rieff, Watson applied for the position and was one of the finalists.

In an e-mail sent to Mayor Jerre Van Hoose, Rieff wrote he was distressed to find Watson was still a candidate for chief of police. Rieff also noted, Watson "is one of the officers responsible for instigating the insurrection." The e-mail also states, "No investigation into the e-mail will be complete without looking into Watson's involvement."

Sid Rieff was, based on completely anonymous allegations, subjected to an investigation conducted by a private law firm in which anybody and everybody was invited to come on down and testify anonymously. There is a natural consequence of such disregard for one man's civil liberties.

Those who sow the wind inherit the whirlwind.

There is a cancer on the Springdale Police Department and it must be removed. There is every good reason to continue the ongoing investigation of who wrote the original anonymous, and mostly unfounded, accusations.

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