Monday, December 12, 2005

Great News for Hog Fans!

Mitch Mustang is leaving his options open! The Morning News of Northwest Arkansas has the report. Read it carefully and discern how Springdale Coach Gus Malzahn used the uncertain situation to his own advantage at the U of A.

Having paid top dollar for a HIGH SCHOOL COACH to become offensive coordinator, time may finally be running out for Houston Nutt! It would seem that hiring Malzahn may not have assured Mitch Mustain's indentured servitude for four years.

This is what I call the Matt Jones effect. Mustain's job is to save Houston Nutt's job by being made personally responsible for winning every game. Recruiting at Hogland USA is just that shallow.

John Brummettt has an excellent column on the matter over the weekend.

Mitch Mustain is good enough that he can enjoy a real college career where he might learn something from professional coaches and have some fun with other talented players. Everybody that cares about Mitch should wish him a happy college football career - SOMEPLACE ELSE.

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