Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Getting Ready the New Orleans Bowl

Tonight is the big one for ASU fans! Our resident creative genius has put together some ingenious ploys designed to increase awareness for this important football competition.

top ten motivating factors for the asu indians in the Tuesday bowl:

10) over 2,000 tickets sold!
9) undersized linebacker arrested before the underwhelming game!
8) competitive fire fueled by Monday morning oreos and milk!
7) back in the olden days, brett favre played for southern miss!
6) don't want people laughing at you in a city named lafayette!
5) maybe chris berman will make a joke about "matt" jonesboro!
4) today the Tuesday bowl, tomorrow the music city bowl!
3) recruiting in places like hazen and wynne becomes possible!
2) a chance to snub the outraged native american football audience in a national format!

and the #1 motivating factor for the asu indians in the Tuesday bowl: "more cookies and milk for the winners!"

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