Tuesday, December 13, 2005

For Charles Barnes

There is an IMPORTANT election in North Little Rock today. The Democrat-Gazette editorial, which is quoted below, is entirely too civil. Voters run the real risk of sending the wife of a convicted sex offender to the legislature. What makes this situation particularly offensive is that the former Representative Dwayne Dobbins resigned office as part of a plea bargain.

Theres another important election on todays ballot if you live in North Little Rock. ThatÂs where a special election is being held to fill the seat left vacant when a state representative resigned amid less than the most honorable of circumstances.

One candidate, Charles Barnes, offers to give House District 39 a fresh new start. A 36-year-old pastor and business consultant, his election would wipe out any trace of the unpleasant taste left by his predecessor. Which is why we join the North Little Rock Times in endorsing Charlie Barnes today. He represents a better future.

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