Thursday, December 08, 2005

Creative Genius at Work

My buddy, Bigdaddyo, is letting his life as an aspiring gag writer for the Tonight Show get in the way of his real job. But I don't care so long as it benefits me. Here is his latest offering.

top ten takes on the mitch mustain situation:

10) jermain taylor: "i, i, i just don't love you no more, mitch!"
9) gary brashears: "kid didn't have cool hair anyway!"
8) coach houston nutt: "well now, that is definitely not special!"
7) basil shabazz: "potential shmotential! potential don't pay the light bill!"
6) matt jones: "but could he catch the ball?"
5) peyton hillis' mom: "his mother should butt out!"
4) janet huckabee: "cute kid, but it's not like i'd help him with his belt or anything."
3) marcus monk: "throw me that basketball!"
2) joe klein: "my favorite pasta dish is spaghettios!"

and the #1 take on the mitch mustain situation: casey dick: "more champagne anybody?"

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