Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Bigdaddyo Rocks With Yet Another TOP 10!

Nobody can ever say that our old friend Bigdaddyo has been wasting his time.

top ten not too edgy to be read of the air or reprinted online colored rubber wrist bands and the charities they support:

10) brown printed with the words "duct tape" supporting chronic diarrhea sufferers!
9) red printed with the words "touch it, i dare you" supporting those with nospecific rashes!
8) yellowish green printed with the words "booger factory" supporting those with sinus conditions!
7) double bands printed with the words "this one" and "no, this one" supporting the crosseyed!
6) plaid printed with the words "repeatan por favor" supporting the hispanic hard of hearing!
5) zebra striped printed with the words "left is right and right is wrong" supporting a hillary clinton/jesse jackson presidential ticket!
4) hot pink printed with the words "man enough" supporting the metrosexual!
3) white on the outside and black on the inside printed with the words "yo, whassup" supporting wiggers worldwide...ooops, let's change that one to: red white and blue on the outside and only red on the inside printed with the words "patience comrade" supporting closet communists!
2) black on top and either taped, glued or weaved to gray beneath printed with the words "avoid the wind" supporting toupe wearers!

and the #1 not too edgy to be read on the air or reprinted online colored rubber wrist band and the charity it supports: "changing color depending on which way the wind blows printed with the words "too big for our britches" supporting high school quarterbacks and their controlling mothers!"

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