Friday, December 23, 2005

911 Excerpts fron Dirksmeyer call

Today's Russellville Courier runs segments from the transcript of the 911 call in which the death of Nona Dirksmeyer is reported.

It is a phone call made to the Pope County 911 Dispatch Center at 6:30 p.m., Dec. 15, from 1006 South Inglewood Apt. 12. The call was from Janice Jones, mother of Nona Dirksmeyer's fiancee Kevin Jones. Kevin Jones and Ryan Whiteside were also present at the time of the call.

We've all seen too many episodes of CSI, but there are a few things about all this that do not add up. You can figure it out for yourselves. Just remember, that it's pure speculation. Police gather evidence and the rest of us just gossip.

I am wondering about the "idle chat" referenced in the transcript. You're standing in a bloody crime scene with a long dead corpse of a young person you knew well, what is the idle chat? Not meaning to be disrespectful, just wondering.

It may be that somebody will put the recording online. I will link it here.

Apparently there is a suspect.

The Democrat-Gazette files this complete and professional report.

Channel 7 also did a story.

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